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Timeline for a Remodel

Timeline for a Remodel

Motivation to Undertake a Remodel

I finally bought my house in August of 2016. The journey was long, to say the least. According to many statistics, about 80 people are moving to the triangle every day. After 8 months, 50 houses, and at least 10 bids that were never accepted, I can personally attest to this statistic.

So when I finally found my house, it felt like it was meant to be. Somehow it was on the market for 30 days (?). I walked in warily with my agent trying to find out what was wrong with it. The hardwoods were original and in great shape. It had a huge bay window as soon as you walked in that overlooked a walking trail. The kitchen was on the smaller side, but doable. It had two full bathrooms and two bedrooms upstairs. The main bedroom was the entire depth of the house, had windows on all sides and was beautifully softened by natural light.

To our surprise, it also had a basement! Seriously, how was this place still available?

As we went downstairs, we realized it was even cooler than a typical basement. The front of the house was at ground level, but due to the gradient of the property, by the time you got to the backside of the house you were at ground level again. So, to the left of the stairs there were beautiful French doors that led to a wood deck. The room had been finished with brick pavers for the floor, two built in book cases, a fireplace and a mantle for the TV. I had hit the real estate jack pot!

We greedily looked to the other side of the basement and found the house’s ugly secret. Honestly, it was almost a relief to find it. While a ton of time and attention had been put into every other aspect of the house, it was almost as if the builder ran out of gas when it got to the right side of the basement. The floor was stick on plastic tile, it had a drop down ceiling with those sound absorbing tiles they use in classrooms. The light fixtures were old and flickering. We walked under the shaking lights towards the laundry room and then realized there was an entire room off to the side!

This room was the start of every scary movie I had ever seen. The walls were a pale pink, that I guess were supposed to make it feel warm. But the walls were bulging out at certain spots, there was no window and the lights flickered, if they were even on. And it. Was. Huge. It was almost the entire length of the house!

So, horror movies aside, this was just a gigantic waste of space!

Because 90% of the house was more than I had ever imagined, I put an offer in and it was accepted after 24 hours.

But the scary side of the basement haunted me (no pun intended). I was reminded of its uselessness every time I watched TV or did laundry. Heaven forbid I left a load of laundry in the washing machine that I remembered at night time! No one has ever transferred wash faster than me.

Just as I had planned and prepared for the purchase of my home, I planned and prepared for the undertaking that would turn my house from a 7 to a 10!


Here is my journey:

Day 0: Define Scope of Project

Day 4-11Research

Day 11-18Receiving Estimates: Making the Decision

Day 48-109: Notifying Contractor and Setting Start Date

The “After”