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Remodel Day 4-11: Research

Remodel Day 4-11: Research

Timeline of a Remodel Day 

I did some searches on Angie’s List, asked my family (which wasn’t very helpful since they are in Charlotte) and an HVAC guy that came to service my air conditioner that I trust. My hope was to find different types of contractors. I assumed the process of constructing the room would be the same. Where contractors would differ would be their approach and quality of materials used.

So I had my 4 that I felt were diverse enough and I called them. I told them the scope of my project and asked if someone could come look and provide me with an estimate.

I was able to get most of them scheduled within the week.

Meeting with the Contractors

When they came, I gave them the background on the house- how long I had lived there, any maintenance issues I had experienced so far, what I knew about pipe and wire location (which was NOTHING).

The biggest areas of concern for all the contractors were:

  • Replacing the Drop Ceiling (unclear what was up there and why the original builder had gone with the drop ceiling at the time of construction)
  • Installing the Window
  • Space for the Washer and Dryer- although I diligently decided where I wanted it,realistically getting it there was more involved than I originally thought
  • Tearing up the concrete floor to reroute water lines for new placement of washer/dryer

Aside from one contractor, they all seemed amenable to handling the project the way that I had envisioned it. Only one was condescending and tried to tell me it wasn’t possible to do what I wanted (fortunately I had met with two others prior, so I knew he was incorrect).

Now to wait for the estimate…