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Remodel Day 0: Define the Scope of Your Project

Remodel Day 0: Define the Scope of Your Project

Timeline of a Remodel

In the light of day, and with the help of my parents, we stood in the unused portion of the house and put painter’s tape on the walls and floor. Mixing practicality and aesthetics to turn the scary space into something I would love. The hope was to make the most hated part of the house the most attractive part.

After sketches and debates, the final decision was to turn the laundry room into a full bathroom. The huge, windowless room would get a window. Part of the room needed to be separated by a new wall to create an intentional storage space (although I had a basement, this windowless room had become the catch all for paint, tools, Christmas decorations etc). And finally (because the room really was that big!) another part needed to be designed to house the washer and dryer.

The biggest pieces to the project included:

  •             Building an entirely new bathroom in a space that was being used for a washer/dryer
  •             Relocate the washer and dryer, which meant moving water lines under  concrete
  •             Building two new walls
  •             Installing a brand new window through brick
  •             Getting rid of the drop down ceiling and getting all new light fixtures

So I hit the internet…