Joseph Odell Junior

From the time I was a child I remember my father saying “while you may not want to enter building as a profession but you’re always going to need shelter. Also for most people your home will be your single largest investment, so it’s important that you understand what a quality built house looks like and what improvements will add value to your house versus things it will take away from value”’.

At this time my father had two lines of business going. A design build company which did kitchen and bath additions in the Washington DC area as well as buying older homes, gutting and rebuilding them, to keep as rental properties.

Starting at age 12 would ride around with him, doing job site cleanups and then later on acting as a helper to the carpenters. It was his belief that I needed to learn any business from the ground that I chose to enter as a profession

Upon graduating high school, I decided to enter building as a profession. For the next several years starting out as an apprentice’s carpenter, I worked my way up to a carpenter, then lead carpenter, and a subcontractor. I then applied to an insurance restoration company as a project manager. The logic was that I would gain management experience and that insurance work would keep going thru the expected downturn.

With the experience I had gained in all phases of remodeling I became the person sent out to supervise the rebuilding if you had a major loss, fire, lightning strikes, a tree falls on your house etc. For the next several years throughout the triangle I would be handling 4-6 major project at one time.

Over time many clients were so pleased with the insurance project they kept requesting we do remodeling for them, the company I worked for did not want to do anything other than insurance work. Finally, they suggested I could do smaller projects on my own over the weekends.

About 7 years ago I had so many referral requests that I decided to leave my full time job to pursue Odell Building and Remodeling exclusively.

I focus on the Additions, (including second stories) Bathrooms, Master Suites, Porches and Sunrooms, while my father specializes in Kitchens, Kitchen Additions and will assist in projects where construction financing is involved.

I look forward to meeting with you.