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Improvements Buyers Want To See In Resale Homes Industry

Improvements Buyers Want To See In Resale Homes Industry

According to some professional assessments, roughly 37% of American homes remain unoccupied. As we head into a new year and begin a new generation of political power, it’s expected that many available homes will be gobbled up when the Fed drops their rates – music to a realtor’s ears.

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Before home buyers commit, however, homes classified as ‘resale’ need major improvements not only so they sell faster, but so buyers are more likely to stay long-term. Be sure to contact an experienced home remodeling contractor in Raleigh. We outline these changes below.


Wide Open Spaces

The days where people like being cooped up in small rooms are long gone.  Home buyers today favor an open living concept, meaning bedrooms should have larger closet configurations, and living rooms should be interconnected with the kitchen. The wider the spaces, the more comfortable today’s younger yet more savvy buyer crowd will feel. So, if you’re holding onto properties with tighter dimensions, consider opening them up even if that means an increase in sales price – it will be well worth it.

Green Will Garner Envy

Energy efficiency isn’t just for rich folks anymore. Home buyers are looking for as many ways as possible to save on their energy bills while living much cleaner, less polluted lives. This means resale home buyers would love geothermal heating, energy efficient water heaters, windows and insulation with higher R-values and even solar power. Upgrading appliances to newer models that use less wattage, too, is something to consider before putting your house up for market.

Functional Yet Spacious Kitchens

Accessibility and storage are two areas in the kitchen where homebuyers will look first. Other items often found on wish lists include gathering islands with sinks, openness to living room and other areas of the house, and appliances with cabinets or trim tightly surrounding them. Of course, travertine tile and marble countertops will always sweeten the deal, just don’t forget to open things up a bit.

Master Bedroom Mastery

Since we spend roughly 1/3 of our life sleeping, buyers have high expectations when it comes to their ideal bedroom design. Garden tubs, walk-in showers, beautiful linens, dual sinks and large yet easy to access closets are almost demands rather than wishes. The other two thirds of our life is spent outside of the bedroom thinking about – you guessed it – getting back to our bedrooms. Therefore, expect heavy criticism if your resale home lacks space and spice in the boudoir.

In Case You Didn’t Know…

School systems, safety, accessibility to stores and shopping malls, distance from work and even the size of the backyard are no longer top concerns for today’s breed of well-informed home buyers. If the interior favors a more open living concept with energy efficiency and accessibility at heart, homes that had been lying dormant for most of 2016 should have no problem moving at the turn of the year. Sure, it may take some investment and could hike the current selling price, but it shouldn’t matter because resale home buyers today have stricter demands yet the money to back them. For all of your home improvement needs Contact Odell Building & Remodeling, Raleigh’s top home remodeling contractor.