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The large increase in population in Raleigh has created a demand to upgrade existing well-located housing with modern floor plans and updated amenities that people need and desire.

There are approximately 90,000 home in Wake County. Of these homes, a majority are close to or over 30 years old. Most of these older homes are in great need of home renovation.

If a home is in the right location and has solid foundation & construction, the obsolete floor plans can be updated to today’s modern family living.

Obsolete floor plans include disconnected kitchens, outdated dining areas and limited bathroom facilities in a home. The solution to any of these problems can be found through a well-designed addition or renovation.

Popular Projects:

  • Kitchen Upgrade
  • Kitchen Open Concept Remodel
  • Family Room Addition
  • Master On-Suite
  • Walk In Closets
  • Upscale Bathrooms

Challenge to Home Renovation:

  1. Getting The Right Design:

In the past retaining an Architect to draw your plans was the best way to find the right design. In many cases this is still true. However because of the many traditional problems associated with Architects & Builders working independently of each other, a combined team approach is preferred. We developed one where the builder is involved in the design while considering the budget.

  1. Selecting A Design Build Firm:

Approaching multiple Design Build Firms can be overwhelming. It is important to interview them to gain a wealth of information, but just as important to keep all files & notes of each meeting. Keep notes of the conversation, proposal specifications & permit & approval information. It is also important to keep in mind their ability to listen, how quickly they follow up, and how much pressure they put on you.

Generally a great firm is one whose quote is 70-80 percentiles. They charge enough to use quality materials, provide skilled labor, and carry out all required insurance & permits.

It is always important to ask the right questions when planning a renovation. Consider: who will be using the space; what will the space be utilized for; what time of day the space is most used; where is the best place for an addition; why are you doing it?

Conduct a basic plan / cost estimate while taking into account the following information: will all furniture fit with room to move; what are the traffic patterns; where are the windows & doors; how will the space be heated and cooled; are there special requirements?

  1. Not Over Improving:

To correctly design a space that feels right, it is important that it is not too big or small. It has to be just right. For most people a home represents the largest financial investment of our lives. If you plan on staying in your home for a long period of time, custom high end touches can help personalize your space. If you plan on moving in the near future, or are conservative by nature, basic floor space and need updates are more practical. Major home improvements may only return 50-75% and therefore over improving can become an issue if you want to use an equity or construction loan.

  1. Funding the Project:

Interest rates are at historic lows. It is a great time to undertake a major renovation project or addition. There are many sources of funding a purchase and/or renovation to a home. Most involve bank representative inspections and building department approval. This extra layer of inspection is added comfort to clients when investing in construction loans. Keep in mind these types of loans often have quite a bit more paperwork than a traditional loan. An interesting reference regarding ROI is The Remodeling 2015 Cost vs. Value Report available at

  • Before-Addition
  • Before-Basement
  • Before-Addition

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